celestial science; Telepathic writing; Telepathic doctrine; Telepathic wonder; the rolls of the Lamb of God; Lamb of God doctrine; alpha and omega divine revelation; telepathic message of eternal father alpha and omega; the great consoler; the spirit of truth; realization of the vision of John on the island of Patmos (Apocalypse Chapter 5); is the expected revelation for centuries; see, hear, analyze, compare, draw their own conclusions and share freely; the original scrolls are handwritten; with lyrics in Spanish corrida; (Recourse to the original language if the translation is not clear).

roll 1

divine Lamb of God; His divine philosophy; Silver divine lamb; humility made lamb; new dtriunfo the divine Lamb of God, on the strength and human pride._

roll 2

divine origin of philosophies; relationship between the terrestrial and celestial communism communism; Communism is born with matter and spirit; alliances are common to all._

roll 3

divine parables; translated by living telepathy; jehova issued by the parent; as the movement occurred in the matter; It emerged as the first vegetation; first plant geometry._

roll 4

divine parables; translated by living telepathy; jehova dictated by divine father; the last doctrine which receive the planet earth; born new science and new world._

roll 5

divine origin of Earth's sun; eternal succession of solar lights; the divine Lamb of God, is before the suns; as a sun rises; as the soles die; resurrection of the soles._

roll 6

divine expansive thinking universe; solar chispita expands; They multiply its solar fluid; microscopic worlds are born; arise earthly paradises._

roll 7

divine origin of Earth's solar system; the number 318 is expanded in other planetary alliances; the above is equal to what is below; in their first causes; galactic order Worlds._

roll 8

divine origin of the number 318; number of terrestrial creation; as the first molecule arose earth; multiplication and development of other molecules; as mature planets in space._

roll 9

divine creator number; the largest creative explosion begins in the alpha and omega soles; childhood of a number; the divine covenant of divine cherubs; born the first human spirit._

roll 10

divine origin of human life system; the divine word becomes flesh; the celestial magnetism decides to create a new galactic family; divine heritage that comes from the kingdom of heaven._

roll 11

divine origin of celestial puntito; time and space are measured by divine dot; relationship between human action and divine prize; divine solar living scales; the number 318 and the human virtues._

roll 12

divine origin of magnetism; solar magnetism; spiritual magnetism; intelligent magnetism; magnetism living out of the ball of fire of divine divine jehova father; celestial magnetism._

roll 13

divine origin of the solar number; as was the divine mathematical calculation, to create the earth; galactic number; His divine spiritual hierarchy between the worlds of meat._

roll 14

divine origin of eternity; each is its own heaven; the divine galactic number 318 expands the thinking philosophy by expanding universe._

roll 15

divine beginning and end of the solar circle omega; the holy trinity sun and philosophy of planet earth; the angle alpha and divine heritage site; born geometry._

roll 16

divine origin of the living virtue; numerical relationship between human Pensares; inequality between ideas; galactic origin of every human action._

roll 17

divine meaning of the 7 seals; divine revelation which corresponds to the heavenly times; a divine way the divine free will of divine jehova father; the divine intention it out._

roll 18

Millennium divine peace flag; its colors and symbols are solar trinity; this divine symbol will last until the end of planet earth; the fall of materialism to come._

roll 19

divine origin of divine jehova father; His divine and eternal creation; Ball debugger divine fire; Father Divine and eternal succession of numbers; 318 the number of divine justice._

roll 20

divine psychology of numbers; solar love triangle; carnal heritage is cosmic geometry; spirit and matter are one._

roll 21

divine numbering in human reincarnations; union of spirit and matter; as a spirit born in the distant suns; creates the macrocosm to the microcosm; the number-spirit._

roll 22

divine origin of the first triceptación in the universe; a principle that is repeated ad infinitum; alpha and omega soles born every human mathematical principle; the virtues of mathematics._

roll 23

divine origin of the human cell; Adam and Eve pores expand their meat; as human larva multiplied in the swamps; endless future larvae living species arise; the first eight vibrations._

roll 24

divine origin of the eldest son jehova dictated by the divine father from the sun trill alpha galaxy; His divine Solar Mother Omega; the number 318 and solar trinity._

roll 25

the Holy Trinity; divine expansive principle of all truth; as the first human being was created; the first couple, first model ángel.- the fall of the angels Adam and Eve; Microscopic paradise._

roll 26

divine origin of the holy scriptures; the number of its creation; God's plan of divine heritage; alpha and omega sun sun; solar square; divine psychology._

roll 27

divine origin of the times; its relationship with matter; mature planets with celestial material time and end time; first time, second time; all time leaves the father and returns to father._

roll 28

divine origin of the first grass that grew on earth; as solar fire expanded its incarnations in the nature of the land; the number 318 on the pasture land._

roll 29

divine origin of Earth's sun; Galaxy love; divine alliances living; the number 318 is born; wavelike divine principle of divine cherubs; Who are the divine cherubs?._

roll 30

divine origin of terrestrial numeral geometry; born the first number; thinking the first being; the first molecule; the first earthly couple; what came before them; the triune Galaxy._

roll 31

divine expansive thinking triceptación the universe; the divine Lamb of God explains; galactic families living worlds; the triune galaxy; life of the living flesh._

roll 32

divine principle of the Holy Trinity; a divine story that emerges from the infinite universe; a world and its evolution, is a microscopic part of this divine history; eternal infinite expansion history._

roll 33

divine origin of numbers; the first number; eternal succession of numbers in the expansive living universe; the divine evolution of numbers; what were the heavenly numbers._

roll 34

divine origin of Earth's sun; such as solar luminary was born; the soles are inexhaustible sources of living magnetism; as a reincarnation comes to the expansive magnetic pulse._

roll 35

divine origin of the solar system; born infinite solar chispitas; alpha omega suns and galaxies galactic parents worlds of flesh; as the worlds succeed; Earth's solar system, is a vestige of what was in very remote times._

roll 36

divine origin of human flesh; his first germ; shaped expansion and growth; They came before the meat; divine alliances radiate living magnetism; born alpha and omega spirits._

roll 37

divine origin of the elements of the terrestrial nature; what's behind magnetism; living hierarchies that banded together to form the planet earth; 318 divine divine cherubs alliances._

roll 38

divine divine origin of the solar scales; as it was the beginning of human thought; the cause of his own way; so that will in the future._

roll 39

divine principle of union between matter and spirit; geometric-linear expansion; the invisible becomes visible; the microscopic is gigantic; the gigantic is the microscopic._

roll 40

divine origin of the human number; mathematics is the spirit; the result of which form the numerical ideas, future universes numerals; the number 318 and divine justice._

roll 41

divine origin of human justice; the faults of the past; Awards land; divine accusation against violators of humility they promised and failed._

roll 42

divine origin of Scripture; starting point of a heavenly mandate; the divine scriptures and human hopes; the divine number of each spirit._

roll 43

divine origin of the molecule; living matter of thinking expanding universe; the number and the molecule; solar trinity is in everything imagined; the number 318 in human life._

roll 44

divine rod; continuation; principle of divine justice promised in the kingdom of heaven; saved are the humble of heart; living humility._

roll 45

divine divine origin of the rod; fall of materialism; drop the false history of the earth; the number 318; number of all justice in mankind._

roll 46

divine origin of the silver vessels; colossal ships emerge behind colossal worlds; the division of matter and spirit; their free wills, are embodied in the infinite forms._

roll 47

divine rod; knowledge of heavenly justice for the planet earth; each see for yourself, if you come or not the kingdom of heaven; the divine number 318 on individuality._

roll 48

UFOs; construction; matter-fire; starting point of a saucer; the molecules form solar alliances; which it has a silver ship._

roll 49

divine rod; the principle of justice is all the same elements of the universe; alpha and omega beginning and end of an order of life; justice is before the present life._

roll 50

UFOs; principles of its laws; the above is equal to what is below; the silver magnetic-solar ships are ships; their number is like the sand containing a desert._

roll 51

UFOs; the matter is an attribute of the salt of knowledge; who is born again never comes where ships are built silver._

roll 52

divine origin of the silver vessels; propulsion systems; the subject matter is speed and speed; solar trinity visit the worlds in these ships; His divine hierarchies; Alpha and Omega._

roll 53

building flying saucers; how their molecules arise; solar mathematics; solar geometric point; an unknown magnetism; the number 318 is born living._

roll 54

Yea divine sun numerical calculation flying saucers are built; as silver metal arises; the soles materialize their individualities._

roll 55

Construction of the silver vessels; a living origin that dates back to eternities of long ago; before current soles; alpha beginning end; begins the principle omega._

roll 56

divine numerical vibration of the silver ships; the number-molecule; the suns rays silvery ships; ships that have visited the earth; Judgment Day approaches._

roll 57

divine origin of the silver vessels; as built in distant suns; converts solar mind on fire; the mechanics of living soles; alpha and omega suns._

roll 58

divine origin of the Earth's geometry; as was projected land in the kingdom of heaven; you have to be tiny and humble to be great in the kingdom of heaven._

roll 59

divine origin of time; divine covenant with the human spirit; celestial time; earthly time; espirtual time; galactic time; light time; time of darkness._

roll 60

Eternal Father telepathic message to the terrestrial world; second message; the first message was hidden from the world by religious rock._

roll 61

UFOs; Silvery metal; creation of fire solar dimension; as preparations are made; ships alpha and omega; principle of a solar hierarchy._

roll 62

divine origin of space; a divine covenant out of the kingdom of heaven; time is JUDGED with creatures; the whole above all._

roll 63

divine origin of the deviation of the polar axis of the earth; all spiritual lack of balance affects the molecules of the planet; the number 318 in mental deviance._

roll 64

omega circle origin; the spiral of human thought; a principle that was born in the alpha sun and expanded into the sun omega of the triune Galaxy._

roll 65

divine origin of the right angle of 90 °; first geometry of the human spirit; alpha and omega soles of human creation; the triune Galaxy._

roll 66

divine origin of universal magnetism; all the power out of the father; Trinity solar magnetism tricepta the viviente.- 318 lines._

roll 67

the living magnetism of thinking expanding universe of jehova father; each solar magnetic line is an alliance with a virtue of the human spirit._

roll 68

divine ark of alliances and its relationship with human philosophy; every human thought is the product of alliances made in the macrocosm._

roll 69

rule of law; only the humble have earned their right; God's commandments are not traded; the small has the first right._

roll 70

divine origin of living spiral; the solar circle omega; birth of a sun; 318 spirals of the human spirit._

roll 71

divine origin of the fire; all heat is living expression of a sun; the heavenly mandate is solar expansive fire; 318 lines-fire._

roll 72

divine origin of human thought; each act performed is in the same body; made television stations; each is its own heaven; 318 lines._

roll 73

as a spirit joins a baby; the maternal cord; travels and experiences of the spirits when they decide to go try material lives._

roll 74

UFOs; philosophy made matters; stuff done thinking; the molecule converses with the spirit._

roll 75

divine origin of heaven; suceción eternal heaven; the geometry of the universe; as heaven is born and develops; macrocosm and microcosm; the triune Galaxy._

roll 76

divine origin of matter; matter and spirit are the same thing; what happened at the point of origin, called the kingdom of heaven._

roll 77

divine origin of species; every creature is the product of a sun; each world is a materialized magnetization; the Lamb of God._

roll 78

divine divine origin of the universe cherubs; matter and spirit are living and governed by cherubs._

roll 79

divine origin of the physical laws of the material world; the omega circle made molecule; the ark of alliances is in matter and thinking._

roll 80

divine origin of the spirits; as they are born and how they form the first body of flesh; spirit and flesh born of the same plot point._

roll 81

divine philosophy of every creature of the living world of jehova father; a heavenly life request made flesh; the poor are the first._

roll 82

divine origin of the mechanics of flying saucers; and calculate the number of molecules; triangulation points._

roll 83

divine origin of the cherubs; the essence of the thinking expanding universe; as galaxies are born; the triune galaxy; its nest._

roll 84

divine origin of the doctrine of the Lamb of God; a solar alliance, output alpha and omega soles; the trial of an immoral world._

roll 85

divine origin of mathematics; all mental calculation leaves the kingdom of heaven; the calculation so the human body was created; Unthinking 318 lines._

roll 86

universal principle of all human Pensares; 318 virtues form an invisible idea, Alpha and Omega._

roll 87

final judgment; those who used false testimony and swore on earth, will not enter the kingdom of heaven; the oath is not the father._

roll 88

final judgment; rich nations of the world; you must give half of your wealth, the same as explotásteis; with the staff that you will be measured medísteis._

roll 89

final judgment; those who saw and did not believe, will not enter the kingdom of heaven; the first they spurned; and they will be neglected in other worlds; the illusion._

roll 90

final judgment; those who did not work according lesfué commanded not enter the kingdom of heaven; only the workers, the poor and despised, enter the kingdom._

roll 91

divine judgment; who hoarded food by usurers and evil, will not enter the kingdom of heaven; and they will be taken away in other existences._

roll 92

final judgment; those who won, won greater than the humble, fabulous salaries will not enter the kingdom of heaven; gold does not lead to the kingdom of the Father._

roll 93

final judgment; They are the most suffered; operators pass; none who ruled dividing, enter the kingdom of heaven; only satan divides himself._

roll 94

divine origin of human life; alpha omega beginning and end; End of human philosophies; Gold fall reign; end of the dynasty of the damn osiris._

roll 95

as a reincarnation takes place in the kingdom of heaven; the macrocosm is the place where it came from human creature; 318 magnetic saturations._

roll 96

end of time; time test material human life; It comes a time whose unit is new knowledge; time and ideas are the same thing; trill time._